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Our Story

In April of 2010, I started making mozzarella at home and learning the trade day after day.

The year when the demand started to grow, I was able to install myself in North Miami and began to offer my fresh products to the public; presenting the customer the opportunity to also buy some Italian products.

Over the years, I expanded into restaurants, hotels, and accomplished exporting some products.

Teamwork, perseverance, my effort, and the effort of the people who accompanied me during these years led me to establish myself in my Cheese Factory and the Italian Market.

Today Mimmo’s Mozzarella offers a variety of fresh cheeses, such as the famous Burrata, aged cheeses, and Italian products.

After 10 strong years, we opened another place on the beach where you can consume the same products made with the same passion as the first day and find comfort in the warm attention of our staff.

Without the clients who trusted in our product, this would not have been possible.

Thank you,

Bruno Ponce

North Miami

Miami Beach

Distribution in Florida

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